deporting Jesus

by Jeff Rainwater, 25 February 2017, Cheyenne, WY

I saw our Savior today,
looking more like
the first-century Jew
than any portrait
in my church.

I saw our Savior today,
but he was labeled
put on a truck
and sent away.

Inevitable tragedy
when no longer
can we see pattern
of the Divine
in each other.

I saw our Savior but
He was deported.
Did our salvation
go with him?

Image found on Google.


By Jeff Rainwater, 23 February, Cheyenne, WY

Don’t look at me
Not up here
where I hide
to see but not
be seen

Don’t look at me

You are so much more
You are the Teacher
The Healer
Prophet Priest King
Son of God

And I am…
What am I?
I am
In every way

So small

Don’t look at me.
Don’t Don’t Don’t


Find me

Image by J. Kirk Richards

the deep

Sally sells sea shells
by the seashore.
Yet more beautiful
they would remain
half buried in the sand
than in my pocket.
The lesson here:
Never wander far
from your ocean.
The world is large
and wild and waiting
to be explored
but you know
where the waters
reside which brighten
and sustain your soul.
Where is the Deep
calling you?

Image from Honeyhype.


By Jeff Rainwater, 16 February 2017, Denver, CO

No pressure.

It’s just the fate
of the free world
being drawn
…or erased…
in these days.

B r e a t h e .
Fill you lungs with air,
your soul with Spirit.

Then, resist!

Any diminishment
in the value of you
or your neighbor
must not be allowed.

It will be
the small kindnesses
that will matter
most, as

hidden in the dough,
then we will


a lie

By Jeff Rainwater, 14 February 2017, Cheyenne, Wyoming

the lie I live
there is always
truth filled words
the mole hill of now
piled on to
the mountain of
not yet

the procrastinator is dead
long live procrastination

Soul!… wake up!