God’s Signature

by Jeff Rainwater, 1 February 2017, Cheyenne, WY

I walk in a
wonderland of white.
No mountains do I need
for inspiration today.
Sheer cliffs deep valleys
sharp peaks by the thousands
reside on each branch,
on each needle of pine or spruce.
A paradise of intricate design
in each crystal falling gently
from the sky.
Are these masterpieces
and the multiplicity
of cosmic wonders
only directed by
impersonal Laws that care not
I stand with tears
in my eyes amazed?
Is beauty just
an accident?
Yet I cannot set aside
what is so plain to see
as if these rules were laid out
to be discovered
when we were ready.
evolution —
these too are master works.
Rembrandt left his name
on his paintings
but his signature
is found in each stroke.
Mary Oliver’s mark
resides within each line.
For those with eyes to see,
might the Master’s hand
still be glimpsed in the
artistry of a child’s face,
a field of wildflowers
(all the same each unique)
or a crystal cathedral
of ice soon to vanish
before the nuclear armageddon
of the sun rising each day
so the blooms may grow.
All mastered by the
same physics
and Author Unseen
that gives me sight
and thought and feeling
so I may stand
with tears in my eyes,
a smile on my face,
and a prayer in my heart.
Thank you, Lord,
for the beauty of this day.

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