ash wednesday morning

so many
beautiful faces
some bright eyed
ready for the day
others unadorned
and barely awake
all soon to be
marked with signs of
dashed dreams
and also
new life.

miles apart in
and everything
in between
yet all rising with
the early dawn
to worship.

what joy it is
how it livens
my soul
to see sisters
and brothers
ready to praise
God and pray.

this is
the body of christ.

This lent, the Rocky Mountain Conference and Yellowstone Conference of The United Methodist Church started a new Lenten practice… gathered, online, worship at 6:30 pm every day through Lent (except Sundays) open to anyone. The first day, Ash Wednesday, I was privileged to lead the worship and was so moved by seeing the 50 or so faces on my computer screen coming together to worship that I wrote this poem.  If you are interested in joining us in worship at 6:30 am Monday through Saturday, this Lent (2017), this is the Zoom link (


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