shoreline behind you

by Jeff Rainwater, 12 March 2017, Cheyenne, WY

Only when we leave behind
the shorelines we know by heart
can we ever sail over deep waters.
Life’s wisdom the soul craves
rarely is found in the shallows.
Will you dare to let the night sky
be your guide and leviathan
your companion courageous

so much noise

by Jeff Rainwater, 10 March 2017, Cheyenne, WY

So many voices
all trading in fear
as if it’s precious gold
and anger as preferred currency.
state house, white house,
capital hill, television,
sadly even a pulpit or two —
all sounding the same refrain:

Be afraid! Get mad!

So, now I understand…
This is how Barrabas
was chosen to live
while the Prince of Peace

I hope to walk
a different path.
“Do not be afraid,
I am with you,”
my Savior calls.
I pray I hear his voice
amidst all the

My colleague and friend, Rev. Paul Kottke, has been quite the inspiration for me lately. This poem was inspired by his devotional this morning during our Mountain Sky Area Lenten Daily Worship (want to know more about our morning worship services? click here.)