living water

by Jeff Rainwater, 16 March 2017, somewhere in Wyoming

Noon-time near Sychar…

Such a lonely time
seeking to quench your
thirst, O woman of

What drove you away
at more convenient hour
when others gathered
to draw and drink?

Whispers sharp as knives
and stares hard as iron
kept you from the well
more than any fault
of yours.

Sunday morning in America…

Still so many ways
we push people away
whose days are parched,
begging for life.

And I hear a voice
of Outside Witness call,
I met Messiah.
Won’t you come see?

Church, heed the summons
by those who’ve stepped not
into sanctuaries.
They too may know

Living Water.

some advice


by Jeff Rainwater, 8 March 2017, Cheyenne, WYimage

For a young friend
who will never read
these words:

Look to home,
wayward young man.
Empty are the accolades
cast far afield when
one so precious,
so near, is left

There is a Judge
who sees more than
Facebook posts and
smiling profiles!
Yet, there is time
to make amends
and restore what
is broken.
‘I’m so sorry…’
would be
a good