not by bread alone

by Jeff Rainwater, who should
probably be doing something else right now,
21 March 2017.


For all the contemporary poets
I read who inspire me:

It’s noon-time hour,
and here I’m stuck
in my office chair,
staring at screen,
Legs stiff, back aching,
devouring words scrolling
in endless march:
poetic verse, delivering
smiles and laughter,
tears and rending of heart,
all my soul deeply craves.
Neither man, nor woman,
can live by bread alone.

Yet my stomach grumbles,
demanding it’s turn.
Bread will be good too.

witness woman

by Jeff Rainwater, 20 March 2017, Basin & Hyattville, WY

Inspired by John 4:1-29
In a world that is so adept at depersonalizing and dehumanizing,
the greatest gift we can give to someone is to see, really see, them,
as Jesus saw the woman at the well.

There you are,
Witness Woman,
strong in voice,
keen of mind,
brave at heart.

I see you.

There you are,
Witness Woman,
hidden by doubt,
held down by race,
buried by innuendo,
hemmed in by

I see you.

There you are,
Witness Woman.
Cast aside jar
and fear and
You are so much
more than the
burdens you’ve

I see you.

You are my
Witness Woman,
strong, keen, and brave.
Now, drink deep!

There you are,
Witness Woman,
I see you!